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Talking Fitness Gear with Chelsea Miller


Last week I shared that I’ve started dancing to get in shape and now I can’t stop.

To keep my fitness motivation going, I did a quick check-in with the super cool and super fit Chelsea Miller to see what she wears to workout.

Her favorite sports bra? The C9 Champion brand from Target. As Chelsea put it, “They are incredibly stretchy so are very comfortable but also keep my girls under control, which is not always easy to do when I go running.”

For legging she turns to Haven Collective. “They give me the freedom to move however necessary, don’t stretch out, and are thick enough to make me feel confidant in the way my shape looks.”

Sports bras and boobs are a tricky pairing, so I will definitely be trying the C9. And since Lululemon leggings have never been my best fit, I’m always excited for a new reco. Thanks Chelsea for the much needed inspo! 


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