The 4 Pieces of Clothing You Never Wore… Until Now!

Katie Sturino / The 12ish Style

One of my favorite things is hearing from people who didn’t think they could wear a certain trend or style but then finally tried it and ended up LOVING it. This happens more than you might think – I’ve even been stopped on the street by women who are so excited to share how the blog inspired them to try something new, and it truly is the best feeling ever!

Today I wanted to share the most common style challenges that IRL women tell me they now have the confidence to wear. Maybe you are looking to try something new or step out of your comfort zone? Take a page out of their book!

SWIM is obviously a big one. I hear from lots of women who have been wearing black one-piece suits forever without even really thinking about it. Sure black is flattering and especially when it comes to swim, that can be a no-brainer. But all black all the time is no fun, and I’m always so excited to hear from women who are shaking it up with bright, patterned one-pieces. As one woman who just made the switch told me, “Everyone told me how cute I looked and truth be told I didn’t need anyone to tell me because I knew I did!” YES GET IT GIRL!!!!

Sticking with the swim theme, I also hear a lot about bikinis. If you’ve been on the one-piece train your whole life, trying a two-piece can be uncomfortable. But I’m here to tell you ladies are doing it!! I’m hearing things like, “I wore a regular bikini bottom with no shorts or tank top covering anything!” and “I rocked a bikini and feel great about it! Realized it doesn’t matter what other people say and think its how you feel, confidence is key.” I couldn’t agree more. Pro tip: if you’re nervous about showing so much skin, try a high-waisted bottom.

The next one is short shorts. This is another silhouette women often shy away from, whether due to thigh chafe or just a general I-like-it-but-not-for-me vibe. You know I’ve got your thigh chafe covered, so that takes care of that. As for the I-like-it-on-someone-else situation, sometimes all it takes it trying something one time to discover you actually like it even more on YOURSELF.

Finally, a fan favorite: CROP TOPS. So many of you are taking the plunge, whether that means a straight up navel baring crop top or something that’s more on the cropped side and hits at the waistband. I love that ladies are trying a new silhouette! And it sounds like you all are loving it too. Whenever I read a comment like, “Today I wore a crop top and I was really comfortable…Im grateful to finally be comfortable in my own skin,” I’m so incredibly thrilled. 

What are you trying that you never had the confidence to wear before? Leave a comment or shoot me a DM and let me know so I can include it in my next round up!

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