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The Graphic Sweatshirt For All your Cold Weather Woes


Now that it’s cold outside and gets dark around 4pm, I’m really starting to feel Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) kicking in.

Not to sound like a PSA, but when SAD comes for you, here are some things to try that have worked for me:

Soul cycle

Faux fur and caffeine

A moody mani

A graphic sweatshirt


Yes, a graphic sweatshirt! It just might be the little known cure to the cold weather blues.


It pairs well with sneakers (it may be cold out there, but at least it’s not snowing… yet), is chic without looking “done” and couldn’t be easier to throw on. This Karen Walker version is bright and fun yet grounded – my very own hit of happiness every time I look down. This is another all-time favorite.


A happy clutch bursting with Spring (because eventually, it will come) doesn’t hurt either. This is old Mother of Pearl but try this appliqued 3.1 Philip Lim for a similar 3-D look.


Feeling like a graphic sweatshirt could be the answer to all your cold weather woes? Shop my picks below!

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