The Pant Trend I’m Sitting Out


Like all ladies, I want to feel that my style is constantly evolving, so I’ll admit to feeling a little stale lately with my pant game. Specifically, skinny jeans. They’re flattering and easy to wear, which is how they keep ending up on my body, but style-wise they’re not exactly cutting edge.

This skinny jean disgruntlement recently led me to road test one of fall’s pant trends, the flare. Yes, Abbey Road style.

And guess what? It was a disaster. Turns out I can do volume pretty much ANYWHERE except my calf/ankle. No. Thank. You.

But that’s ok! As Stacy London would point out, not all trends are going to work for all ladies and I have no problem accepting flares just aren’t my thing (Fuq a Flare! as I now like to freely yell out at anyone who will listen).

I’m not giving up on this skinny jean shake-up though, so PLEASE let me know, have you found an updated pant silhouette you’re loving? What is it? I promise you, I’m dying to try it! In the meantime, you do you and I’ll just be here NOT wearing flares.

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