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The Rose Serum You Never Knew You Needed (+ Six More Beauty Picks)


When it comes to skincare, I mean serious business (see here, here, + here), so I wanted to let you in my current top shelf products. Keep scrolling because you just may be able to snag one of them for free ninety nine 😉

1. Odièle Rose Sérum


This is my ride-or-die, desert island product. I seriously love this product so much and I am always applying it, especially in these winter months anytime my skin looks a little flat. Good news for you, I’m giving away a bottle of this miracle sérum to one lucky winner!!! Head over to Instagram for all the deets.

2. Colbert M.D. Nourish Eye Cream 


After my recent visit to New York Dermatology Group, this eye cream has been my new go-to to de-puff and keep my eyes bright.

3. Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil


Caudalie is a longtime favorite brand of my mine (don’t even get me started on their Divine Scrub) and their nighttime oil works wonders for my skin. If there’s one thing I love, it’s facial oils!

4. Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil


Good things come in green bottles because this cult-classic Sunday Riley U.F.O. face oil is the bomb. With 1.5% salicylic acid, this oil keeps skin blemish-free and super even.

5. Eve Lom Time Retreat Face Treatment


Everyone knows how key moisturizing is in the winter and this Eve Lom treatment never lets me down. With hydrating Vitamin A + E and anti-inflammatory properties, this keeps your skin luminous as hell.

6. Tan Luxe Anti Age Self-Tan Drops


In combo with the above, I mix a couple of these drops in and I’m instantly transported to somewhere I actually want to be (The Bahamas, Hawaii, Florida…you get it). If you have a trip to the sun planned, hit me up. If not, just get yourself this stuff. Best part? You won’t end up looking like an orange.

7. Christophe Robin Intense Regenerating Balm


For lucky number seven, one of my favorite hair brands Christophe Robin’s multi purpose balm for not only your hair, but your bod, too! This stuff especially helps rescue my dry locks. Also, I love the prickly pear oil scent.

And a very special shoutout to my baby, Megababe. I can’t live without Thigh Rescue, especially for any extra dry bits like your heels or elbows, or Bust Dust, and neither should you! You’re too cute to chafe 🙂

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