Unleash Rage and Get Toned with Boxing


Seeing as last week I signed with Muse Management and am finally a legit model (NBD… whuuuuttt!!!), I figured it’s time to start acting like one. I’m going to work up to all the green juice, but in the meantime thought a revamp of my civilian workout was a good place to start.

We all know models are into boxing, so when WTF gym reached out to get me in the ring, it felt too serendipitous to turn down.  So faced with my usual mix of total fear meets the urge to say yes to everything in 2016, I decided to jump right in and get my Million Dollar Baby on.

I trained with the owner of the gym, Alberto Ortiz, who was amazing. I was really intimidated to try this workout but he was so friendly and easy that I felt immediately comfortable (however, to be clear the workout was not easy!). Plus, WTF maintains an ASSHOLE FREE work zone, encouraging people to be nice to each other. My kind of gym.

Bottom line, it was tough. But I got into it and tapped into some real rage when I was hitting the bag and now I get why models are so zen in addition to being so toned — they leave it all in the ring. 

The day after, my arms and shoulders were insanely sore, which of course is the sign of a good workout and left me feeling like I should go back again soon. Maybe next time I will even grab that green juice afterwards!

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