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Vitamin 101 with Path Nutrition

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Did you hear? I’ve been focusing on my health lately not because it’s the trendy/buzzy thing to do but because my body has been asking for it.

My approach is super not groundbreaking: I’m trying to exercise and meditate more, eat less sugar and processed foods, and once and for all TAKE MY VITAMINS!

But first I had to learn what vitamins to take. Is there anything more daunting than standing in the vitamin aisle!? Thankfully Path Nutrition broke it down for me, and now that I’m vitamin enlightened I want you to be, too!

So here’s Registered Dietitian Beth Barnett-Boebel with a few tips on supplements for anyone who is curious!

If you’re just starting a vitamin routine, a good base regimen to start with is a high-quality multi-vitamin, probiotic and an essential fatty acid. It’s generally best to take supplements with a meal so they can be more easily absorbed and to prevent nausea (unless otherwise directed).

But be wary… not all brands are created equal! The supplement industry is totally unregulated. Surprising, right? In 2015, the New York State attorney general’s office tested products from 4 major retailers (GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart) and discovered 80% of the products did not contain ANY of the herbs listed on their labels!! But don’t worry, stick with high quality brands and you’ll be fine. Over the counter brands we approve of are Garden of Life, Jarrow, and Nordic Naturals, all available at Whole Foods. 

If you’re looking to step up your wellness game, try professional-grade supplements. These are higher in quality because they have better sources of ingredients and are formulated for maximum absorption. To get pro-grade vitamins you need to find a pro. Look for a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who can help tailor your regimen specifically to your needs. Or we can get you set you up too! Check out our Vitamin Line for a consultation and easy access to the best supplements. Pro-grade brands to look for are MultiThera, Apex, Pure Encapsulations, and MegaSporeBiotic.

It’s all about Consistency. So you have the vitamins, and now you just need to take them 😉  Try keeping all your supplements in the same place where you can easily see them in the morning and at night; we prefer the kitchen but maybe the bathroom is more your style. Make it simple by putting aside any bottles you aren’t currently using. Pre-pack your own on-the-go vitamins for the day in a chic pill case. Or, consider a pre-packed product like GOOP’s doctor created protocols. When it comes to pre-packs, make sure you know what is in them in case you have a negative reaction. As with any supplement or food, read the label and know what you are consuming.

Happy Vitamin-ing everyone!

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