Why I #LoveMyShape with


I was really excited when asked me to participate in their #LoveMyShape story.

Not just because it was the perfect opportunity to pull out some fake yoga (in my go-to Haven leggings and men’s New Balance sneaks) on the West Side Highway (yolo!) but because you know what? I finally do love my shape.

Starting this blog has allowed me to connect with other 12ish ladies, the industry, brands and even myself in a new, positive way and I feel a sense of self acceptance I haven’t felt before. It’s a journey to be sure, but this is the farthest I’ve come and it feels pretty great!


As I explained to, “Growing up as an athlete, my strength and size were an advantage. But outside of the gym, I was always trying to appear smaller, meeker—more of the characteristics that seemed desirable in a girl. Now that I am an adult(ish), I value my strength. It gets me through marathon work days spent running around the city, plus I never have to ask a man to help with my suitcase! I love my size because it makes me feel empowered.”

It’s true! No man be carrying my suitcase 🙂 I hope you love your shape too and obviously want to hear about it in the comments!

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