You Need this Borrowed-From-the-Boys Parka


Thank g for men who give a shit about fashion and looking good! Not only are they easy on the eyes, but (more importantly) they’ve opened up a whole new world of “crossover” fashion for us ladies.

As I’ve mentioned before, the men’s department is full of great finds and if you’re not shopping it, you’re probably missing out. Some of my all-time favorite pieces come from the less-fair gender, like this BLK Denim Leather Jacket, these Joshua Sanders Emoji Slip-ons and these Saint Laurent Star Sneakers. Thanks dudes!

One of the reasons I like literal menswear so much is that as a size 12ish both on my body and my feet, sometimes the fit is just better. Case in point: this AE Men’s Parka.


We all know that feeling of wanting to hide during the winter, and there’s no better (or warmer) way to go incognito than with an oversized jacket like this one. It’s cozy and looks cool styled with skinny jeans (even though yeah yeah they are so dead). And because men’s sizing runs bigger, I love that you get a truly oversized fit.


Other great finds include this Penfield Kasson Parka, this APC Alpes Parka, this L.L. Bean Field Coat and this J.Crew Nordic Parka.

Do you dip into the men’s section when you shop? We’re kicking off a monthly feature dedicated to the best borrowed from the boys finds, so stay tuned for more next month and let us know what you’d most like to see!

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