You’ll Heart February’s Print of The Month


Hearts? For February? Ground breaking…here’s the thing about heart prints: sure they’re perfect (and yes, totally cliché) for Valentine’s Day, but they’re also a fun and timeless staple to have on hand the other 364 days of the year.

Heart prints are actually more versatile than they might seem. From playful to romantic to “cool,” there’s a heart print out there to suit your every mood. And sometimes they’re so subtle they feel more like a polka dot crossed with Taylor Swift, which is never a bad thing.



If wearing hearts feels too expected for Valentine’s Day, then don’t. Go for skulls instead! But the rest of the year, don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve (or pant or sock etc). Here are some picks to get you and your ticker going!

1. Comme Des Garçons Play Heart Print Tshirt | 2. Equipment Heart Print Silk Robe | 3. Chinti and Parker Polka T | 4. ASOS Socks with Sheer Heart Design

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