• The 12ish Style

    How to Perk Up Your Puffy

    I’ve been wearing puffy coats for about two decades, so I was a little confused to see my go-to outerwear being pushed as a trend this season.  BUT I think I get it now…the…

  • Katie Sturino / The 12ish style

    Think Pink

    Pale pink has been a hot hue for a while but guess what I’M NOT OVER IT. I especially like it for winter as an alternative to a sea of jewel tones. Here’s…

  • The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

    That 70s Show, IRL

    70’s style is a big trend this season. And honestly, I didn’t think I cared about it. FLARES pour moi? It didn’t feel like my thing. But guess what, now I’m surprisingly into it.…

  • The 12ish Style/NYDJ

    Best Jeans for a Cutie Bootie

    I’ve talked it about it before, but I never wear jeans… unless they’re NYDJ. Well, actually, all my white and my black jeans are NYDJ too. I know it sounds like total exaggeration,…

  • WhiteSlip45

    Giving Em The Slip

    I decided to take a page out of the Kate Moss handbook and try slip dressing, because who doesn’t love to wear pajamas in public?! Not to mention, slip dressing is…