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It’s Laser Szn – Part Two


Welcome back to Part Two of our Winter Skin Series: Laser Szn! This time, I hit up Erase Spa for some much-needed laser hair removal. Fun fact: I’m an OG Erase customer and have been frequenting the spa since they opened! Any laser hair removal treatment can never be done in the sun, so you gotta laser right now to prep for spring and summer.

Laser hair removal is truly one of the best beauty decisions I’ve ever made. Since it’s expensive, I began with only treating certain areas on my body, like my underarms. I haven’t shaved my armpits in nearly two years 😉 but every couple of years, you need to hit those areas again for maximum results. Now I’m starting on my legs. I’ve only done them about three times now and I shave my legs about once a month, if that.

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Originally, I started laser hair removal because I was tired of getting my upper lip waxed and threaded…and now ironically, that teeny portion of my face doesn’t take to lasers 🙁

Photo Jan 03, 4 49 07 PM

Remember, all types of laser are best to do in the winter months because you cannot be in sun for two weeks before or after treatment. But when June rolls around, you can emerge as a hairless little pig ready to live your best life. #lovesummerhateeverythingelse, except maybe #laserszn.

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