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People StyleWatch Dials Up The Body Love

photo credit: People StyleWatch

I’m so excited to be spreading body pos love in the latest issue of People StyleWatch!

When I heard this piece was about loving your body in a swimsuit and would be completely unretouched, you know I was like YES LET’S DO THIS.

I love swimwear because vacation and summer is the best, period, and so are the clothes. DUH. But I also love it because I think it’s important for us as women to see that what makes us look good is not our size or shape but how good we feel on the inside.

The me of today might have thicker thighs than the me of 10 years ago, but I feel better in my own skin because I finally decided to f*ck it and just be confident. Life is short! Throw on a swimsuit you love, grab that zinka and enjoy the hell out of your beach or pool day. That’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it!

photo credit: People StyleWatch

photo credit: People StyleWatch

I love that this feature includes a variety of body types, not to mention the amazing women that go with them. Thank you People StyleWatch for the body positivity love!!  To anyone looking for swimsuit inspo, be sure to check out the full spread at a newsstand near you 🙂



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