Print of the Month: Reindeer Fair Isle


Maybe it’s because I didn’t get enough attention as a child, but for whatever reason, I love a stand-out print. In our ongoing quest to share some of my favorites with all of you, we’re kicking off a new feature on the blog, our get-it-while-it’s-good Print of the Month.

This month we can’t get enough Reindeer Fair Isle print. It all started innocently enough with this Reindeer Print Jumper, a fun (and cheap) onesie perfect for lounging with a mug of egg nog and a plate of cookies. From there, it snowballed (winter pun intended) to reindeer-adorned hats, leggings, dog sweaters and more. Do you want to get in on the reindeer games? Check out our picks!


1. Reindeer Leggings

2. Red Reindeer Dog Sweater

3. Reindeer Patterned Jumpsuit

 photo credit: @MrsSizzle

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