Sweater Dressing, Take II

The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

While it’s hard to be truly excited about anything in January, I’m feeling a genuine pep in my step thanks to sweater dresses. Lately I’ve been craving a break from pants (not the dog) and all I can say is sweater dresses to the rescue!

Earlier this week I told you Yes You Can Wear Bodycon but I get if that’s just not your thing. Consider then this very wearable above-the-knee option from the Gap (sold out, but similar available here).

The 12ish Style / Katie Sturino

I love the coverage of the high neck and long sleeves contrasted with the short hem. Paired with over-the-knee boots (avail up to size 15 and cut for a wider calf), my top half feels sophisticated while my bottom half feels like it’s getting away with something. And best of all, no pants!

Do you have a sweater dress you love? Please share!!!

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