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The Dress to End your Winter Wardrobe Rut


It sure isn’t spring yet, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that we’re sick of winter. So it goes without saying that winter dressing is also starting to feel old.

If the thought another day spent trying to re-invent toasty leggings and layered knits makes you wanna barf, why not try a sweater dress instead?

I know it sounds intimidating – after all, sweater dresses can be difficult to pull off with boobs. BUT good news, this one is very boob-friendly and couldn’t be cuter. It’s by one of my latest and most favorite labels to know, Universal Standard.

The cut is pretty much perfect. It’s roomy enough across the chest to accommodate and flatter the girls, and the above-the-knee length is super flattering too. Plus the cozy wool/cashmere fabric is engineered to take on chafing in the arm pit area, which is nothing short of genius. Finally, the turtleneck is a total YES on a chilly day and also gives it a fresh/modern/understated look.

As far as hard working basics go, it doesn’t get easier, more stylish or more secretly high tech than this!

For now, throw it on with sneakers, opaque tights and as many layers as you need for that perfect casual-but-dressed-up look. Come spring, it will be your transitional BFF. Shop the look below and say adios to your winter wardrobe woes!


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